One thing you can always count on at Complete Country, is POSITIVITY. Alot of people have been making negative comments about Brian Kelley, one half of the Florida Georgia Line duo and his new long hair. Not here. We applaud the long hair, the style change and the courage to choose your own style and look. Brian reached out on a recent Instagram story to address writer Lauren Cowling who published an article dissing the artists long hair writing, "I'm not here to be a hater, but it might be time for Brian to enter another hair phase - one with a hairbrush. Oh, I did it. I said it."

Brian responded saying "First and foremost, before you bully anybody, you know, you gotta know their backstory. And here's a little backstory about me," he went on to explain, "so when I was younger I had a little bit of a vitamin defeciency and even at some points I had a hard time growing hair. So I've come a long way I got that all figured out and I decided to grow my hair out on my 30th birthday and that's kind of the short story y'all and like I said you never know where somebody is coming from or their story and if you have something to say about my hair keep it to yourself. Let's stick to the music, not my hair..and by the way don't act like this isn't the coolest hair in country music." MIC DROP. 

And all we have to say is for one, Brian we love your hair and you keep on rockin' with you long locks and we'll keep listening to Florida Georgia Line's jams whether your hair is long, short or shaved right off. Now on the MUSIC side of things...who caught FGL with Bebe Rexha performing this SMASH hit "Meant To Be" on Ellen...a song that was on the top of the charts for 20 weeks in a row. Boom! Oh we did it, we said it. Watch it NOW!!!!