If we had to summarize this album in one word, it would be…impossible to do. Jimmie Allen debut album is EVERYTHING. ‘Mercury Lane’ is like taking a trip through life with Jimmie, through all the ups and downs, heartbreaks and growth periods.  It's full of everything you would want to hear from an artist, and for his debut album it’s clear, there’s not much Jimmie Allen can’t do or sing. The slower songs hit you and make you quiet down your life to listen to the lyrics, while the upbeat tracks make you want to crank it up loud and get groovin’!

“Warrior” let’s you in to Allen's relationship with his mother, but is the perfect song for you to picture any special person in your life. If you aren’t dancing when “American Heartbreaker” and “County Lines” come on, check your pulse and starting moving. If you need a little lifting up and encouragement "Underdogs" is the perfect one to press play on and there are several tracks on there to send to your special someone.  He has a knack for taking any song and making it his own. Even though 8 of the 7 songs on the album penned, you’d think he was a part of each one. 

Jimmie Allen’s voice can cut through a crowd with the softest sharpness that we’ve ever heard. It's strong but soothing, soulful but gritty and has a way of pulling you in. He could sing the alphabet and make you feel something, and with the songs on this album there are a whole lot of feelings being felt. “All Tractors Aren’t Green” touches on a really important subject to not “judge a book by its cover” and to stay true to who you are. The inspiration and honesty in the lyrics, combined with the gospel choir in the background is enough to lift anyone’s spirit who takes the time to listen to the song thoroughly.

Our best advice to you is to download this album and really listen to this his voice, because Jimmie Allen is the next big thing. The only thing better than listening to every song on his album, is seeing him play all these tracks live. We've seen it and guarantee you would NOT be disappointed.
NOW, "everyone get your drink up, raise em’ up high” ("Underdogs") and turn this new Jimmie Allen album up REAL loud!! 


1. "American Heartbreaker"
2. "Make Me Want To"
3. "Deserve To Be"
4. "How To Be Single"
5. "Wait for It"
6. High Life
7. "21"
8. "Underdogs"
9. "Like You Do"
10. "Back Of Your Mind"
11. "Boy Gets A Truck"
12. "County Lines"
13. "Best Shot"
14. "Warrior"
15. "All Tractors Ain't Green"

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