Country music’s quirky and creative Dan Davidson is back with his highly anticipated new EP, Juliet. Released on February 22, this new project is the perfect follow up to highlight Dan’s evolution of sound and unique storytelling. This project, named after his daughter Juliet consists of 7 catchy tracks that focus primarily on love and family. For the record – Dan did name his previous project Songs for Georgia, after his eldest daughter, Georgia.

This new EP kicks off with an upbeat love song, "Heaven In The Headlights," featuring authentic musicianship, along with the folky-fun country vibe that fans have come to expect (and adore) from Dan Davidson. Dan keeps things upbeat with his next tune, “Can’t Help Myself,” which is the perfect second track that transitions into another upbeat tune, “Let’s Go There.” This song is guaranteed to have you tapping your feet and swaying to the beat – and after seeing Dan perform this live, it’s clear that this song absolutely captivates fans. Up next is “Cinderella,” with its combination of pedal steel and that bluesy-folk sound, followed by “These Are My People.” This tune opens with a cool talking portion, leading into the anthemic “There's nothing like comin’ home, these are my people, this is my town," which creates a sense of nostalgia as the listener reminsices about their own hometown.

From there, Dan takes things down a notch to a beautiful twist on the typical 'boy meets girl in a bar' song. This untraditional approach of a by chance meeting turning into a love story is a welcome surprise, and a song that is sure to be used at weddings this summer. Dan wraps the album with the song “Church,” where he reintroduces the upbeat barnburner country song – that makes you want to two-step and then put this EP on repeat!

Juliet - Dan Davidson (Track Listing) 

1. Heaven In The Headlights
2. Can't Help Myself
3. Let's Go There
4. Cinderella
5. These Are My People
6. Slow Dance
7. Church 


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