Dean Brody is BACK with his highly anticipated new EP, ‘Black Sheep.’ This six-song project is a perfectly curated mix of Dean’s softer side along with more upbeat vibes that make you want to keep this on repeat! The title track, “Black Sheep” is the perfect title for the project, as the lyrics are completely relatable to anyone who has ever felt like they haven’t quite fit in. Its upbeat vibe mixed with a hint of gospel sound keeps the listener guessing as to what’s next!

Dean Brody’s current single is a great indication of what you can expect from the EP. “Whiskey In A Teacup” is about a girl who may appear innocent and sweet, but is actually tough and a bit wild too. The whole ‘appearances aren’t everything’ theme is relevant because while you may think you’ve got Dean Brody all figured out – this EP provides an even deeper dive into the mind, writing and vocal talent of this Canadian artist.

Also on the EP are new tracks “Moonlight Girl” and “Ever After,” but mixed in between is the smash, “Good Goodbye” which inspires an easy vacation vibes feeling – even when you’re stuck in the middle of a rainstorm in May. Finally, “Dose of Country” finishes off the EP with the imagery and sound that fans have come to know and love from Dean Brody. It’s catchy, and causes listeners to reminisce on the more classic style of country music. All in all – you’ll want this as the soundtrack to your weekend!

Catch Dean Brody and Dallas Smith on the Friends Don’t Let Friends Tour Alone Tour. See if they’re coming to a city near you, here


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