Here's your exclusive first look at Ryan Lindsay's new music video for his song, "Way Back When." Filmed near Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories, over 200 km from Yellowknife, the video encompasses the week Ryan spent at a remote homestead that he frequents, owned by the Oleson family. The only access to the region is by bush plane! Ryan and his director, Travis Nesbitt, stayed in the Oleson family's home, a log cabin, hauling water and wood, cooking over an open fire, and dog-sledding. As an outdoorsman and former northern Arctic and wilderness expedition guide, Ryan was in his element! 

When asked about the video, Ryan says, "there's a simplicity and a luxury to living in the outdoors that doesn't come with the regular amenities of living in the city. People today lack a connection to place and country music is a genre that is rooted in place. It's really important for me to keep that as a foundation of my own music as a country artist." 

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