Just days ago, Nicole Rayy dropped her brand new EP entitled All Woman. The six song collection speaks to Nicole's truths, experiences and emotions, while creating a very relatable soundtrack for listeners. The EP was released after fans had a taste of what was to come with the release of her title track, along with "Bad Habit" and "Unfinished." 

The EP kicks off with the uniquely powerful and inspiring "Fireproof," before introducing listeners to the title track, "All Woman." This tune showcases Nicole's strong vocal talent, and is definitely a girl power anthem that you'll want to crank right up. The third track is "That's What You Get Boy," which is relatable and brings a new take to that typical love story gone wrong.  The tune "Remember You" slows things down a bit, and is reminiscent of a past love. The final two tracks "Unfinished" and "Bad Habit" brilliantly finish up the EP and leave the listener wanting to hit the repeat button!

"I've always drawn inspiration from many genres of music and it's nice to feel like I can include those inspirations into my music, but still tell a story like a classic country song," says Nicole. "That being said, I do hope this record stands out as being uniquely it's own...this album is 100 percent me and I hope listeners can enjoy what I have to offer as an artist."



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