Colter Wall… Let that name sink in, because chances are, you’ll be hearing it a lot more. The Canadian singer-songwriter, born and raised in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, is capturing attention rather quickly. The 24 year-old is as authentic as it gets when it comes to country music. His deep and dreamy traditional style vocals resemble artists from long before his time- Johnny Cash and Hank Williams to name a couple.

‘Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs’ is Wall’s fourth album. It features ten tracks, including a take on Stan Jones’ classic “Cowpoke” and Marty Robbins’ “Big Iron.” Each song brings something unique to the table, but Wall’s mesmerizing vocals are what keep us intrigued throughout the album. Songs like “I Ride an Old Paint / Leavin’ Cheyenne,” feature a simple guitar and harmonica, while “Talkin’ Prairie Boy” is solely Wall and his guitar. And although we love hearing a full band, it’s these tunes with little instrumentation that really get us there. Wall’s old-fashioned baritone voice is enough on its own to capture your soul and whisk you away into another era.

Listening to the title track “Western Swing & Waltzes” and the second last track “Rocky Mountain Rangers,” it’s impossible not to feel like you’re living out your wildest cowboy fantasies. Rodeos, horsehair dance floors, and a group of misfit rangers are just a few of the western themes Wall describes. The underlying trot in the music in “Rocky Mountain Rangers” makes you feel like you're a real-life rancher galloping through the prairies on your horse! “So it's raise up your six-guns, lest we be undone, rake some fur, slack them reins, let your ponies run, run." Giddy-up!

It isn’t often we hear a young artist sing about old western swing and cowboys, or deliver a sound like Wall does, but he sure is nailing it. The 320 million + streams already under his belt prove it too! Wall’s distinct style and raw tones truly separate him from today's every day country singer; so sit back and enjoy a refreshing, old-school ride!


'Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs'  TRACK LIST:

  1. Western Swing and Waltzes
  2. Ride An Old Paint / Leavin’ Cheyenne
  3. Big Iron
  4. Henry and Sam
  5. Diamond Joe
  6. High and Mighty
  7. Talkin’ Prairie Boy
  8. Cowpoke
  9. Rocky Mountain Rangers
  10. Houlihans at the Holiday Inn

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