Sassy and bold country lady RaeLynn is at it again with her new EP titled ‘Baytown,’ named after the Texas town she grew up in. The 5-track EP is full of empowering and self-motivating songs that detail RaeLynn’s experiences growing up in a small town, her relationships, her move to Nashville to pursue music, and growing in to the confident and comfortable woman she is today.

Right off the top of the album is the tune “Keep Up,” a playful and spot on anthem for all of the country ladies out there. RaeLynn sings about being fully capable of handling her own - don't mess with her, because she’s tougher than she looks! It’s a great song to start off the album and set the tone for what’s to come.

“Fake Girl Town” is the third track on the album that talks about feeling insecure in a new town, while trying to find that solid group of girlfriends who you know will have your back. The song touches on how certain people will go out of their way to bring you down, when really there is room for everyone at the top. “Jealous eyes, how can you be at the top of the mountain and still have jealous eyes when there’s room for us all up there.” The song is based on RaeLynn’s initial experience when she first moved to Nashville to follow her dreams. It’s a perfect story that segues right into the next tune on the album, “Judgin’ To Jesus,” with a title that is pretty self-explanatory – any judgement can be left to Jesus.

“Me About Me” is a relationship ballad about feeling like you are not valued, seen, or appreciated. Giving 100% and getting nothing in return – “You would know if you asked me about me.” It’s quite a relatable tune that ends with the “less appreciated” walking out and moving on. RaeLynn sets us up for a grand finale with the last track, titled “Bra Off,” which is basically a giant breath of fresh air after suffocating through toxic relationships and insecurities.

This album from RaeLynn is her first album since she signed with the boys from Florida Georgia Line’s label, Round Here Records. In regards to jumping labels, she has claimed it felt like the right home for her music, where she can be truly creative and tell her stories. We love this super fun, confidence-building album, and can’t wait to hear more from RaeLynn down the road!

“This EP is an ode to my hometown in Texas, which has shaped me into the woman and artist I am today. And I am so, so proud.” - RaeLynn

'Baytown' Track List

1. "Keep Up" (Racheal Lynn Davis, Corey Crowder, Tyler Hubbard, Steven Lee Olsen)

2. "Still Smokin'" (Racheal Lynn Davis, Corey Crowder, J.R. Rotem)

3. "Fake Girl Town" (Racheal Lynn Davis, Cameron Montgomery, Daniel Ross, James McNair)

4. "Judgin' to Jesus" (Racheal Lynn Davis, Brett James, Ferras Alqaisi, TJ Routon)

5. "Me About Me" (Racheal Lynn Davis, Bob DiPiero, Jeff Garrison)

6. "Bra Off" (Racheal Lynn Davis, Josh Kerr, Emily Weisband)

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