MacKenzie Porter recently surprised fans with the sudden release of her “Drinkin’ Songs” music video and let us say, it is EPIC! We all know and love the song for its authentic take on a tough breakup. It captures the specific moment of hearing what was once considered “your song” and getting taken back in time through all of the happy memories. Though, the track makes a swift return to the present to share that the song isn’t a love song anymore, but a drinkin' song instead. The music video features the beautiful MacKenzie Porter herself and takes us through a handful of relationships that just don’t work out. Each scene includes a new beau and a different decade, which adds a unique layer to the video (and some pretty awesome outfits too)! It's definitely a song and video that we can all relate to on some level, so with that said, cheers to YOUR drinkin’ song – whatever it may be!

“You know when you’re dating someone, and you have ‘your song.’ The one you pick together to be the theme song of your relationship… the one where every lyric seems to be singing about your love… this is about THAT song… after you break up. It’s the one that now magically seems to come on the radio every single time you get into the car just to remind you what was once yours. The song that used to make you feel so secure and whole – but now it’s just another one of your drinkin’ songs.” - MacKenzie Porter

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