Andrew Hyatt has made our country dreams come true with the brand-new release of The Wanderspace Sessions! After dropping his EP Neverland back in late 2020, Hyatt has turned his most popular songs from the record into a beautifully raw 3-pack acoustic EP. If that wasn’t enough for all the Hyatt fans out there, each stripped-down version also has a new music video to go with it!

The Wanderspace Sessions feature Hyatt's “I Needed That,” “Didn’t Know Me,” and current single “Neverland,” which is flying up the country charts! Besides being undeniable hits, each song tells a story that just BEGS to be shared in a more intimate way.

There’s always something special about stripping a song back to its acoustic form, and Hyatt has certainly been able to capture that magic here. With nothing but guitar strums and drum beats accompanying Hyatt’s soulful voice, we’re really able to feel the honest emotion behind his words. It's safe to say his lyrics hit you in a different way when there's no distraction around.

The Wanderspace Sessions is the perfect rainy day vibe (in the best way possible) and we are SO excited to hopefully hear it performed live one day soon!



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