Meghan Patrick recently released the new music video for “My First Car,” and let us be the ones to say, it was WELL worth the wait! The song is obviously an ode to Patrick’s beloved first truck, but the music video offers much more to the story. It takes us through Patrick’s journey to becoming the rockstar country artist that she is today, from street performances and local gigs, to sold-out shows and red carpet interviews! Perhaps the best part of all is the end of the video, where Patrick is shown driving her old truck to sign her first record deal, only to have it die on the way out in a very full-circle moment! Of course, knowing that this event actually occurred in real life makes the viewing experience all the more authentic (not to mention hilarious)! All in all, the “My First Car” music video really allowed fans to see and appreciate the hard work it took to launch Patrick’s career. Her truck may have died on the way out, but we’re sure glad it got her to the label to sign her deal that day!

“When we started talking about treatments for this video, all I knew was I didn’t want it to be another video of a bunch of people partying around a truck. The truck I wrote this song about meant so much more to me than that, so the idea of showing the life of my truck autobiographically in relation to the journey of my career felt like the perfect treatment. That truck drove me to many gigs, drove me away from toxic relationships, and drove me right into the parking lot of Warner Music Canada the day I signed my record deal… and yes, it really died in that very same parking lot, as if to say ‘this is as far as I take you.’ Every bit of this video is a true representation of how I got to where I’m at now, and I’m so grateful to Sean Hagwell for once again bringing my vision to life and for making a long day of shooting a damn good time.”  - Meghan Patrick

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