Kenny Chesney is back with the new music video for his emotional track, “Knowing You”, and it's giving us ALL the feels! The video begins with a voiceover delivered by Chesney, where he calmly says, Not everything is meant to last. You don’t think about that when it’s perfect… And when it’s over, there’s a huge hole. But there’s also a pair of wings. Knowing you, wherever you are, I know you’re happy, you’re flying, and free... And I’m here, still grateful – grateful for knowing you.”

The song and video are all about reminiscing on the moments shared with someone who’s no longer in your life. Instead of feeling sad during these moments of reflection though, Chesney encourages his fans to look back with a smile. He inspires us to remember those from our past with grateful hearts for the happy memories they gave us.

The video itself transitions between scenes of Chesney on a sunny beach vacation with a special someone, and on an old fishing boat surrounded by a cold, gloomy sky. Even though his partner is no longer with him in the latter scenes, Chesney still sings that he’d do it all over “’cause damn it was good knowing you.”  

We’re always impressed by Chesney’s powerful and scenic music videos, and this one definitely did not disappoint! No Shoes Nation is grateful for YOU, Kenny Chesney!

“One of the things about this video I love is the way you can feel the settings... And each location, whether in Gloucester, Mass. or the Virgin Islands, was selected because it feels the way these emotions actually feel. As I’ve said, over and over lately, the people who come into your life and then are gone, it’s for any number of reasons. But beyond missing them, you have the opportunity to recognize what they brought to your life and be thankful.” - Kenny Chesney

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