Following last year's release of Agricultural Tragic, Corb Lund is back with a deluxe edition of the album! Agricultural Tragic Deluxe features the original twelve songs from the album, plus a fuller version of “90 Seconds of Your Time” and two new songs, “Hard to Play the Steel Guitar (For Super Frank)” and “Fancy Pickin’”. Of course, it wouldn’t be right if the deluxe edition didn’t include Lund’s latest hit single, “Horse Poor” featuring Jaida Dreyer, so you can catch that jam on the album too!

The revisited version of “90 Seconds of Your Time” is all about the horns and organ, and let us say, it is a VIBE! The added instruments give the song so much life, and make it hard not to sing along to. “Hard to Play the Steel Guitar (For Super Frank)” is a fun, upbeat song that is GUARANTEED to bring out the dance moves (for better or for worse)! It’s a fast-paced, cheerful tune that makes for the perfect party song. “Fancy Pickin’” might be short in length, but it’s nothin’ short of a good time! The track has more of a laid-back feel with a chorus that you won’t be able to get out of your head (in the best way possible)!

We’re always fans of Lund’s musical creations, so it's safe to say we LOVED this one! If you haven’t heard Corb Lund’s Agricultural Tragic Deluxe, give it a listen ASAP! Just be prepared to break out the moves!

“It'll be cool to get these unreleased tunes out into the world via the new deluxe edition. We recorded more songs than usual when we cut the record and they didn't fit on the album at the time. It was hard to know which ones to leave behind so I'm glad this handful of strays will finally be seeing the light of day.” Corb Lund



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