Chris Young and Kane Brown have teamed up, once again, to give fans the video we’ve all been waiting for! The “Famous Friends” official music video not only features Young and Brown themselves, but it also showcases some of their pals in real-life! For the duo, “Famous Friends” is all about appreciating those from back home who keep their small towns runnin’ through their work as teachers, bartenders, athletes, and more. These individuals may not be recognized world-wide, but they're certainly famous to those around them. Of course, having some of Young and Brown’s hometown friends appear in the music video makes it all the more genuine and enjoyable to watch. These two clearly make a talented (and hilarious) team, and we hope to see more collaborations from the pair in the future!

"I can’t imagine a more perfect video for “Famous Friends.” I had a blast seeing my friends on set, and that rooftop performance with Kane is some of the most fun I’ve had in a video.” - Chris Young

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