Meghan Patrick celebrated her 34th birthday by giving fans the gift of a brand new single, “Never Giving Up On You”! The two-time CCMA Female Artist of the Year recipient admitted that it’s a challenge to write authentic love songs that don’t sound cliché, but we can assure you this one’s about as real as it gets. “Never Giving Up On You” is all about Patrick recognizing her true love as the one piece of her life that she’ll never give up. Everything else, from "vintage vinyl" to "top shelf whiskey", can be lived without, according to Patrick. She sings about her partner as her “one obsession” that’s “forever bulletproof”, and we're not gonna lie, those lyrics gave us ALL the feels! Of course, we can’t help but think about Patrick’s beau, Mitchell Tenpenny, while listening to the love song. Patrick sings that even when he’s stubborn, pushes her buttons, or goes too far, she wouldn’t change a thing about him, and THAT is true love! It’s safe to say the Canadian country star knocked this one out of the park, as always, and we (selfishly) hope to hear more Meghan Patrick love songs in the future!

"It’s always been difficult for me to write love songs that felt authentic and real to me without being cliché. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about love in this past year, it’s that it’s not just about romance, sparks and the good times. It’s about continuing to choose that person over and over again, even when things are rough. When I love something, I go all in, but it doesn’t always stick. True love is knowing this about yourself, but realizing you’ve found the one thing, or person, you will never give up on, no matter how hard it gets.”  - Meghan Patrick



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