Dustin Lynch and MacKenzie Porter recently dropped the music video for their duet, “Thinking ‘Bout You”, and we’re officially obsessed! When two talented country artists come together for a collab, we’re always payin’ close attention, and this duo definitely did not disappoint. While originally recorded with vocal powerhouse Lauren Alaina back in 2020, Lynch decided to give the song a second life by releasing it as a single, and held blind auditions for a duet partner. After hearing the pure magic of the finished product, it’s safe to say Porter was the perfect fit for the track! The song itself is a unique take on navigating a past relationship. Rather than dwelling on the negative, the song describes past lovers coming together to happily reminisce on the good memories. The video perfectly captures this narrative, as a nervous phone call turns into Lynch and Porter reconnecting over old stories. We’re definitely glad this song was brought back into our lives, and the music video was just the icing on the cake!    

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