Temecula Road is back with a brand-new video for its rendition of Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine”, and we can’t get enough! The rising country trio’s cover of the 90’s classic is beautifully done, and really feels authentic to the group of young artists. Dawson Anderson and sisters Emma and Maddie Salute grew up listening to Carter’s hit, which inspired them to take it on themselves. We’ve gotta say, between their three-part harmony and signature mandolin, the trio gave us a truly stunning rendition of the song! The music video is simple, which is exactly what the cover calls for. With nothing but the artists singing on barstools, the video captures the pure emotion behind their words, and makes the song feel all the more genuine. Since their release of “Everything I Love” back in February, we’ve been craving more music from Temecula Road, and this is just what we needed. We’re definitely looking forward to what else the country trio has in store for us down the road!

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