Walker Hayes releases yet another song from his upcoming EP, Country Stuff, coming out on June 4th, and we are here for it! Hayes released "Make You Cry" and "I Hope You Miss Me" earlier this year, filling our ears with a lot of emotion in the form of lighthearted melodies. In "I Hope You Miss Me" he sang about how much he is going to miss his daughter when she grows up and goes off to live out her dreams, while hoping she is going to miss him too. So cute! 


In his newest release from the EP, Hayes sings about a whole lot of "Country Stuff" featuring fellow country music pal, Jake Owen. Hayes took to his Instagram on various occasions since the release to share his excitement about having Owen join him on this track - "Just don’t even know how to express my gratitude to him for joining me on 'Country Stuff'," Hayes wrote. We are just here to say, we support this duo!


The tune is light and fun - exactly what we need to get us in the mood for a warm country summer. Hayes and Owen sing about all the things they enjoy, from blue jeans and guitar strings, to muddy trucks and fishing in the dark. It’s an uplifting song that makes you appreciate the little things in life that bring you joy; and for Hayes that includes playing with his dogs, Jack and Daniel.


Sometimes what we need most is good company and some good ol’ "Country Stuff" - thank you Walker Hayes for reminding us of that. We can't wait to hear more!



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