Calling all James Barker Band fans - cause the wait is finally over! After their last release back in August 2020, the four Canadian country boys that are James Barker Band are BACK with their new single "Over All Over Again."


This new tune is the perfect song to blast while driving with the windows down. "Over All Over Again" is fun and upbeat but SO relatable, because we all know how easy it is to get caught up in the moment.


The guys tell the story of an old love that comes back after leaving behind nothing but heartbreak, and how easy it is to fall back into those emotions and patterns, as if it ain’t "Over All Over Again." From calling the cab and paying the tab, to ending up in that old Zeppelin t-shirt, it is so easy and familiar - until you wake up and realize it's over, they're gone again, and you’re just hungover.


We will be jammin’ to the tune on repeat, and DEFINITELY getting caught up in this moment, because we aren’t ready for it to be over. The band shared that they "hope you love this song as much as we hate shotgunning beer..." The answer is YES, James Barker Band, we are LOVING this song! 





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