Need a new tune to listen to? Well, Tenille Arts hears you, and boy did she deliver! After releasing "Somebody Like That" and "Give It To Me Straight" earlier in the year, this gorgeous country gal is back with a new single, "Back Then, Right Now," and we are HERE for it. Does this mean a new album is in the works? We sure hope so! 

Do you ever find yourself sitting there, daydreaming of your favourite memories, of good laughs and simpler times? It's safe to say Tenille does too, because her new tune is all about bringing you back to those times,  from hanging out in her small home town, to the Pontiac she used to drive on familiar roads.  She gracefully sings of how much she could use a little bit of how things used to be, or a little bit of "Back Then, Right Now."  Her voice carries so perfectly with the melody of the song - a mix of guitar strings and all the good ol' days that were over in the blink of an eye. 

As Tenille put it, "I hope that this song takes you back to a time where things felt a little simpler." If you ask us, the song does just that! So here's to those memories, the new ones we continue to make, and to Tenille Arts for allowing us to reminisce in those times through her music - you killed it! 


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