Country rocker, Ryan Kinder, is back and ready to take us "Southbound" with his new single, and giving you the chance to hear it for the first time - right here! The grit, the get-up-and-get-moving feeling of a country song mixed with a rock n' roll guitar, gives us everything we need and more!

Kinder brings us home with him after a long trip on the road. He said, "We wrote this one a long time ago, back when I was on the road a lot. We were talking about how, even though it’s so great to be on the road touring, it’s always nice to be heading back home. For me, that’s home to the south, so we started painting a picture about how it felt like everything was all moving like an arrow to one place. It kind of calls to you to come back. And you can really feel it when you get close. The air changes. The vibe changes. It’s all very southern rock."

Although we can't all relate to the feeling of being on tour, there's nothing like home, and nothing like a good Ryan Kinder tune to make us appreciate that. What gets us even more excited, is a whole new album - YES, you heard us right! Kinder's new album, Room To Dream, is coming this July 30! 

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