After releasing "Just The Way" earlier this year, which we LOVED, country artist Blanco Brown is back with another amazing tune. Only this time, he set out to prove that "Nobody's More Country" than he is!

After listening to the song, it's safe to say Brown made his point, and we support his statement. This new song is everything, and really captures his "trailer trap" MO, combining country and hip-hop music to give us exactly what we need. From "cross the hills of Tennessee, to mountain high in Colorado," Brown has seen some things, and we're confident that nobody loves the country more than he does. 

Brown shared, "This record couldn’t have happened without all of the magical peoples lending their gift...." He continued to say, "This song means a lot to me and these moments will never be forgotten!!!" It's clear that Brown carries a lot of passion for his work, and we can see it through his music. 

Listening to this tune gets us in such a good mood, as Brown embraces what he loves and what makes him unique. It makes us feel proud of the things we love and are passionate about, and if you didn't already know it, we LOVE country music! 


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