CMAOntario is back, and with an exciting announcement, no less! From September 3-5 2021,  talented country artists and loyal fans will get the chance to celebrate the CMAOntario Festival & Awards Weekend in Hamilton, Ontario, with three drive-in concerts.

Kicking off the weekend is the New Faces Showcase on Friday September 3rd, featuring new, up-and-coming artists, CMAOntario nominees, and a whole lotta talent. Set to perform are Robyn Ottolini, Aaron Allen, Charissa, Kansas Stone, Owen Barney, Ryan Langdon, Genevieve Fisher, and The Road Hammers. 

On Saturday, September 4th, the Legacy Revival concert, hosted by Wendell Ferguson, will feature legendary artists that have helped paved the way in country music history. The lineup includes The Good Brothers, Marie Bottrell, Russell deCarle, Michel Lalonde, and Sylvia Tyson. 

Closing out a killer weekend of music and good times is the 9th annual CMAOntario Awards, on Sunday September 5th. Hosted by Jason McCoy and Beverley Mahood, 18 awards will be announced and celebrated with performances from award nominees' Tim Hicks, Buck Twenty, Aaron Allen, Owen Barney, Sacha, David Boyd Janes, Reney Ray, The RedHill Valleys, and The Western Swing Authority. 

We're ready for an outstanding weekend celebrating Ontario's country music world, and we are SO excited for all these killer performances! See you in September, CMAOntario! 

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