Maddie & Tae show us exactly who these two fun, wild n’ loving women are in their new music video for their single, released earlier this year, "Woman You Got."


Without holding back, the duo let their partners know that they put rings on a couple wild thangs. Maddie & Tae take us around the house, where they lose their phones, leave the kitchen a disaster, and leave messes behind. From running around in crazy outfits, to working out and eating fried chicken, Maddie & Tae know how to have some FUN, and if we’re being honest, there’s a bit of "wild thang" in all of us! 


The duo have so much fun in the video, just doing their thing and being who they are, but reminding us that with all this mess, they are always trying to be better, and love their partners like no one else. We are who we are, quirks and all! The video is fun, relatable, and has us goin’ crazy for more music from these two country gals!


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