As a country artist who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of his genre, Mitchell Tenpenny does just that in his new single "Truth About You." The sounds of country, mixed with a bit of pop as the track picks up in the chorus is just the right mix for this breakup song.


Tenpenny sings each verse with a softness in his voice, and a deep emotion that really feels like he connects with the words. The track is about heartbreak, lies and telling the truth about what really happened in a breakup. But like everything in life, there are always two sides to every story, and when one side hides the truth, nobody wins in the end. 


Tenpenny is done with the lies, and done with him being the only one who is at fault. Tenpenny is feeling a way many of us can relate to, only it sounds so much better when he sings about it!


"This has been my biggest release of my career so far," Tenpenny said when talking about the track. "Truth About You" reached 1.4 million streams in just 3 days after being released, but the song is too good for us to be surprised by that. It only goes up from here for Mitchell Tenpenny, and we want to keep learning the "Truth About You" and just how amazing you are!



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