Ian Munsick is on a roll as he releases yet another stripped down track from his album, Coyote Cry. This time, Munsick released "Solo (Stripped)," and boy are we lovin’ the acoustic take on this heartbreak tune.


The original version is more fast paced, you can really hear the entire band pick up throughout the song in behind his killer voice. But in this new, stripped version of the track, Munsick’s voice and emotions really shine through as he sings his story of being heartbroken and left to ride "Solo," with just his guitar and the strings of a violin.


There’s somethin’ about the way Ian Munsick hits those high notes that really makes the song come to life. We are truly in awe of his country sound, and definitely would find ourselves jammin’ (or crying, but don’t tell anyone!), to this real and raw tune. We can’t wait to see which song Munsick decides to strip down next!


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