Greetings from Jake Owen and his new single, "Best Thing Since Backroads."  His last album, Greetings From...Jake,  which Owen released in 2019, was a mix of tunes that put us fans in a feel-good, party mood. Now, a little while later, he is back with a new song that has us in that same feel-good mood, and we aren't mad about it! 

In this new tune, Owen sings about his love for driving around with the windows down on old country roads he knows all too well. Only the best part, his favourite part, is you. Sitting next to that special someone is what makes driving on these backroads so great, and all those views and good feelings ain't got nothing on that person. 

We are loving this song! From the upbeat tune to Owen's words, subtly reminding us all that the people we are with are what make moments so memorable. We are definitely going to be listening to this song when we go pedal to the metal with the windows down, and we wouldn't be surprised if you were too once you hear it! 


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