To Jordan Davis, "Buy Dirt'" is not just about "buying dirt," it is so much more than that. On Instagram, Davis shared a video of what the song meant to him, saying "It's about what you do with the piece of ground you have... your home,  with your faith, family and friends all around you, that's what 'Buy Dirt' is." 

The music video for "Buy Dirt" truly encapsulates the song's meaning. While we are taken to different land, homes and people, the video doesn't focus on what that piece of land looks like, it focuses on the people who live there, who make memories and grow together there every day.  

Having Luke Bryan feature on this song could not have been a better fit. The duo sing this tune so well together, and really let their passion for its story shine through. We can't help but smile after watching this video, and there may or may not be a small tear in the corner of our eyes,  because it truly is a special video. 


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